EtOH Dewax


  • 220lb 126L (33.3gal) batch 0.79—0.82kg/L (6.59—6.83 lb/gal)
  • 15—20kg dewatered crude extract  5—4:1 EtOH 15—20% crude by weight
  • 35+/-15% of crude is wax MP 66,64,59,45,43C

Process Units

  • S) Alfa Sharples refurb or Penn Walt new tubular bowl super centrifuge with internal coils
  • M) Quadro HV0 high sheer homogenizer 0.5″
  • VP)  Busch Mink MM 1324 AV rotary claw vacuum 2″
  • P) Viking RL016 rotary lobe 3″
  • E) Allegheny Bradford vertical short single thru pass polished tubes in shell 1.5″
  • F) Allegheny Bradford inline jacketed filter housing for 100, 50, 5μ strainers 1.5″
  • TK) full vacuum rated jacketed tanks internal coil
  • B) condensing closed loop water boiler
  • CH) balanced rotary screw R744 chiller compressor
  • CT) high pressure drycooler condensing unit

Perfusion Clarifying Recipe

  1. Maintain TK jacket and coil at 43—45C (109—113F)
  2. Mixing TK with turbulent short recirc flowing upwards through E tube at 65C (150F) shell with system static pressure at <=2atm.
  3. Divert recirc at 1-3lpm (0.3—0.8gpm) through M returning to TK
  4. Turn off TK heating
  5. Reverse P direction, short recirculation flow from TK bottom, downward with gravity through E, F, then slipstream into S and all back to TK
  6. Cooled by E to 15—17C (59—62F) chilled water 8C
  7. Filtered by F with jackets 15—17C (59—62F) chilled water 8C
  8. Divert heavy slipstream at 1-3lpm (0.3—0.8gpm) into S with <13C (55F)wall coils
  9. Collect solids from S and F
  10. Ready for EtOH high vacuum flash falling film evaporation spray dryer